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This model was given to Hidehisa Nishimura, who won the 2015 All Japan Kendo Championship.

The design specifications were created with the winner athlete Nishimura in mind.


6mm cross stitched Futon / Naname cross stitch Mendare / L-shaped Kazari-ito with Red Yabane / Mengane: AJP / Uchiwa: Tet-knit


6mm cross stitch / Palm: Micro-punch, Deerskin / Herikawa: Navy deer leather / Red Yabane


6mm cross stitch / 5-Dan Kazari with Red Yabane / Herikawa and Tojikawa: Navy deer leather / Obi: U-shape


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6 mm
Main materials:
#7000 Cotton felt, Orizashi, Deerskin
Made in Japan
Main feature:
Flexibility, Comfort, Light-weight, Original appearance
Shiai, Keiko
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