Bushu Shoazisome 100% cotton fabric, treated with BIOBLUE method, which is a treatment to allow microorganisms to attach deep into the micro-fibres bringing out a smooth a soft texture, and prevents the Aizome from fading quick.

ZEN (禅) was born from the result of careful research on Kendo form and movement, while taking form and functionality into careful consideration.

This brand line is recommended for many uses: daily practice, rank promotional examinations, and even tournament matches. Here at All Japan Budogu, we are offering you this top-tier Kendo wear at an affordable price.

*Care instructions: Hand wash only, in clean cold water.

*Please note - This product is dyed using genuine Japanese Aizome, and the colour will leak/stain objects, and the wearer. It is recommended that the product is washed by hand, to remove as much excess dye as possible before the first use. Because it's made 100% Cotton, may shrink slightly after washing. Do not dry it in direct sunlight and try to not leave it hung in long periods of indirect sunlight. Mis-handling the product may cause unevenness fading of the Aizome, we do not accept returns after washing.
*The ZEN series uniforms are depending on sizes MADE TO ORDER and no corners are cut in their production. As each garment is made dillegently in Japan, and due to the massive popularity of the ZEN brand, production can take 8 to 12 weeks.
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Aizome Cotton
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Keiko, Shiai, Shinsa