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Hand crafted Kendogu made at Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho (NKS), Japan.
Traditional appearance design, with 8mm Gunomezashi on the Futon covered by Orizashi, featuring super comfortable and incredible good fitting especially on the Kote due to the improvement of the Eguri (wrist angle) and Tenouchi (palm) design.

The Gunomesashi of the Men and the Kote, which is 8 mm Sashi-haba on the impact zone and 4 mm near to the end portion of the Futon, is made for greater protectiveness and durability.

It is a multi-purpose Kendogu for those who appreciate the Japanese craftmanship quality .

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*Chichikawa and Himo are included.
*Tenugui is not included.

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Stitch width:
8 mm / 4 mm
Stitch pitch:
2.5 mm
Stitch type:
Main material:
Bushu-ICHI Aizome Cotton, Orizashi, Deerskin, Ultrasuede, Felt, Mosen
Main feature:
Fast drying, Incredible fitting & mobility, Traditional look
All Purpose
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Menbuchi colour ($20) *
Kazariito colour ($65) None Selected *