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The MUSASHI KOSHIRAE is a sword that is based on the design said to have been favoured by the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. 

Musashi spent much of his later life in the Kyushu islands of Japan, under the service of Lord Hosokawa Tadashi, the resident Daimyo of Kumamoto Castle. The Kumamoto region was known in those days as 'Higo province', and for this reason the style of swords favoured by those serving the Hosokawa clan are known as 'Higo Koshirae'. 

A antique finish, rounded Kashira and Kojiri, make this sword a distinct example of a classic Higo Koshirae, with design elements inspired by swords actually owned by Musashi himself - now on display at the Shimada museum in Kumamoto.

Like every Iaito produced by Minosaka, this Iaito has been crafted in Gifu.


Please be advised that this chart is for guidance only. Please consult your instructor for further advice.

Height Tsuka Blade
150 cm

7.5 Sun/ 22.7 cm

2.2 Shaku/ 66.6 cm 

155 cm

7.5 Sun/ 22.7 cm 2.25 Shaku/ 68.2 cm 


8 Sun/ 24.2 cm 2.3 Shaku/ 69.7 cm 


8.5 Sun/ 25.8 cm 2.35 Shaku/ 71.2 cm 

170 cm

8.5 Sun/ 25.8 cm 2.4 Shaku/ 72.7 cm 

175 cm

8.5 Sun/ 25.8 cm 2.45 Shaku/ 74.2cm 

180 cm

9 Sun/ 27.3 cm 2.5 Shaku/ 75.8 cm 

185 cm

9 Sun/ 27.3 cm 2.55 Shaku/ 77.3 cm 

190 cm

9 Sun/ 27.3 cm 2.6 Shaku/ 78.8 cm 

195 cm

9.5 Sun/ 28.8 cm 2.65 Shaku/ 80.3 cm 

195 cm +

9.5+ Sun/ 28.8+ cm  2.7 Shaku/ 81.8 cm 


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