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New All Japan Pitch 2023 series are made with the base-template of our famous japanese brand Mugen.

You can choose between two types: Normal (in Orizashi/Clarino) and Luxury (with Orizashi/Deerskin), to change the durability and appearance without impacting that much the overall weight.

NAJP Jissen 2023 model features comfort, flexibility and a "nowadays" appearance. The inner Felt has been renewed for a one with better shock absortion properties. In case you choose the normal type, the Clarino parts comes from Kobe, Japan, and in the Luxury type, the deerskin is also from a japanese source. The manufactured parts of this model are entirely weighted at the end to mantain an stable production each time, for each item. 

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luxury type may take 2 months approx.
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8 mm
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All purpose
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