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Around 2010, it became a popular model for the All Japan Championship and the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. Because we have been receiving many request, they have been launched again as "JW-1" and "JW-GOLD".

It has the best japanese materials from reliable and trusted sources.

This was the kendogu used by famous top-athletes in the past. Wear this model with proud and become part of the elite.

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To see every details and specifications of each part, please click on the "Part name" you want to know more below:

Part Part name
Men JW-1 - Men
Kote JW-1 - Kote
Tare JW-1 - Tare

*Chichikawa and Himos are included.

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Current Stock:
Usually ships between 1 to 2 months
Shipping Cost:
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Stitch width:
Men: 3.5mm/ Kote: 4.5 mm/ Tare: 4 mm
Stitch pitch:
Men: 3.5 mm/ Kote: 4 mm/ Tare: 3 mm
NKS Originals
Main material:
#7000 cotton fabric, Orizashi
Main feature:
Light weight, Greater fitting
Shiai, Keiko, Shinsa
Menbuchi colour ($20) *
Inner Mengane Color *
Menbuton thickness ($30) *
Kotegashira thickness (30$) *
Kotebuton thickness (30$) *
Kazariito colour ($70) None Selected *