New All Japan Pitch 2023 series are made with the base-template of our famous japanese brand Mugen.

NAJP Kanto 2023 model features 8mm Gunomezashi (4mm) Futon, with the bumpy parts due to the wider stitching, on the hit areas for protectiveness, and the narrow stitching for the borders of the Futon, offering better durability in those parts. As every NAJP model, it is very easy to use, comfortable, flexible yet protective, with a simple appearance. The inner Felt has been renewed for a new one with better shock absortion properties. The Kote fists are filled with a mix of japanese Shikage from Nara and natural cotton. The synthetic palms are made of japanese Ultrasuede, Toray. The Clarino parts comes from Kobe, Japan. The manufactured parts of this model are entirely weighted at the end to mantain an stable production each time, for each item. 

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Associated bogu set:

Current Stock:
Stitch width:
8mm Gunomezashi
Overseas factory
Ultra suede
Kotebuton material:
#7000 Cotton
Kotebuton Hokyou material: