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Perfect as a Kendo-gift for a Kendo-friend. It works as a nice Kendo-decoration too, for your home or Dojo.

Kendo Playing Cards is an entertaining card game with real-time elements, Kendo playing cards are designed for 2 players. It mixes bluffing and deduction with strategic thinking to create a funny and exciting gaming experience.

The game simulates a modern kendo competition between two fighters whose goal is to defeat their opponent using familiar elements of kendo. Players score points by performing striking combinations against their opponents and can keep or earn their focus points for executing these combinations at the optimal moment of attack and defense.

Each player has a pre-set number of playing cards and each draw will allow him to change their technical „inventory” through optimal hand management. Every decision must be carefully analyzed because one little mistake can cost you the battle.

The game uses a small amount of kendo-specific terms in order to be easily understandable and enjoyable even for those, who do not practice the art. During the game, you can get a little insight into the wonderful world of kendo, the Japanese Way of the Sword, which is worth giving a try in a real dojo, aka training hall as well.


24 brown technique cards

31 colourful action cards

8 Focus tokens, 3 penalty point (hansoku) markers,

6 Referee’s tokens, 3 Hit markers (ippon),

4 Favourite technique (tokui waza) tokens

Number of players: 2 - Red Player and White Player

Game time: 10-30 minutes

Informational video for the gameplay HERE

**GAMEPLAY and RULES explained in various languages HERE**

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Designed by Akos Vachter Illustrated by Anita Benczur
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