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- Size: 4 (Height: 173~177 cm)
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ZEN (禅) was born from the result of careful research on Kendo form and movement, while taking form and functionality into careful consideration.

100% Made in Japan, the ZEN -Tokujo- Single-layer is a kendogi that has been fashioned for actual combat while providing the wearer with a clean stance. Because of its single-layer and 3D-sleeve design, it allows the wearer to easily take the Kamae/stance position.

*Care instructions: Hand wash only, in clean cold water.

Please note - This product is dyed using genuine Japanese Aizome, and the colour will leak/stain objects, and the wearer. It is recommended that the product is washed by hand, to remove as much excess dye as possible before use. 100% Cotton, may shrink slightly after washing.

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Aizome Cotton
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Keiko, Shiai, Shinsa
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