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KIJI-DODAI now available in Yamato (Basic Black Synthetic Do) or in Bamboo (Take-Dodai, 50, 60, 64 pieces).
The Kiji (Leather) goes above the selected base Dodai type/material you select!

You can choose Kurozan, Orizashi or Deerskin for the Mune material, and besides the basic Mune-Kazari designs, you can request "Another Design" (send us a picture!), or choose one of the many designs we have on our website (just leave us a note for which one):

Check our other Mune designs HERE

*If you need help or have any questions please contact us directly.

*In case you want a Mune (Another Design) which is not on our website, please request it to our email by sending us the picture of the desired design/Mune-Kazari:


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