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¥18,700.00 - ¥20,000.00

Bushu Aizome (indigo dyed, you will notice by the smell!) 100% made in Japan Cotton #8800 grade, 
with the fabric from the famous Takemura Sangyo and the care of japanese craftmanship,
from our workshop to the world! 

Our original Made by Experts Japanese Hakama, is perfect for examinations, Kodansha Shiai and special events or high ranked Keiko ocassions.

*Care instructions : Hand wash only, in clean cold water.

*Please note - This product is dyed using genuine Japanese Aizome, and the colour will leak/stain objects, and the wearer. It is recommended that the product is washed by hand, to remove as much excess dye as possible before use. 100% Cotton, may shrink slightly after washing/drying (never put it on a dryer machine!).
No corners are cut in the production. As each garment is made carefully in Japan, and due to the massive popularity, production can take from 8 to 12 weeks.
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Aizome Momen #8800
Keiko, Shiai, Shinsa