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The design of the Kotegashira dertermine the flexibility and the compresion of the stuffing.


  • Takumi Hyoujungata : standard and widespread design.
    • Flexibility : Normal
    • Compression : Normal
  • Kacchougata : modification of the "Takumi Hyoujungata" to improve the compresion of the stuffing without losing flexibility. 
    • Flexibility : Standard
    • Compression: Standard+
  • Yoroigata : design with a great compression the stuffing but with less flexibility
    • Flexibility : Low
    • Compression : High
  • Imomushigata : Design with the Kazari Ito perpendicalar to the finger, improve greatly the flexibility but compress les the stuffing
    • Flexibility : High
    • Compression : Standard-
  • Machine Imomushigata : Similar to Imomushigata. Realised with a simple sewing and no Kazari Ito, it less durable in case of important friction but easier to produce
    • Flexibility : High
    • Compression : Standard-
  • Ichidan Kazari : Simple design it improves the flexibility at the expense of compression
    • Flexibility : Standard+
    • Compression : Standard-

Flexibility : ease to move figers

Compression : maitain the stuffing in place and compress it to improve its impact absorbtion capacity

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