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Collaboration with Let's Kendo, for an original design, featuring Kurozan leather stripes in the Men and Tare.
It has brown Kazari-ito, inner-black Menbuchi, Deerskin edges and Herikawa as well as for the Kote's finger reinforcements, micro-punched Ultrasuede for the palms and an original Tsuki-dare.  

It is a sturdy Kendogu for those who enjoy Let's Kendo, made with Japanese craftmanship quality at Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho.

*You can select a Yamato-Kiji Do as shown on the picture but without the Let's Kendo logo visible on the Dodai (Sorry!).

*To order the exact Mune please select "One of our other Designs".
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*Chichikawa and Basic-Himo are included.
*Tenugui is not included.

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Shipping Cost:
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Stitch width:
3 mm
Stitch pitch:
2.5 mm
Stitch type:
NKS & Let's Kendo
Main material:
Felt, Orizashi, Deerskin, Kurozan. Ultrasuede
Main feature:
Durable, Original appearance, Sturdy
Keiko, Shiai
Menbuchi colour ($20) *
Mune kazari None Selected *
Do Dai None Selected *