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¥16,928.00 - ¥24,542.00

The original Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho's Motodachi-Kote

In Japan, very often, high rank Senseis teach to beginners (particularly children) by doing a lot of Motodachi-geiko. For this reason, the parts of the Bogu that receive all the strikes get destroyed quite fast. A lot of Sensei who teach by receiving choose different method for making the Bogu last longer, and this is one of them: A layer of hard leather covering the outside and extra cushioning on the inside of the Kote-buton (forearm Futon) and Tekubi (wrist).

Another important point for those who teach and receive is that, this will not interfere with the proper Tenouchi of Kakarite (the one executing the strikes) which enables the Motodachi to motivate the student to keep going and overcome the physical limitations by asking for stronger strikes. This is also possible by training with a Kendo dummy, but being a human-Motodachi, the Sensei can really observe and grasp whatever the Kakarite needs to improve.

*Equipment made to use as Motodachi. Its use on Shiai is prohibited.

*We have 3 available options: With the outside-cover leather in the raw color (white), painted in black, or without the external cover (keeping just the extra cushioning inside). And 2 Kote versions: Full Deerskin or Yakko style (Orizashi with leather reinforcements).

*This is a Kote only for the Right hand. In case of special requests, such as a pair of Motodachi-Kote, contact us directly:

*The Raw-leather option's color may differ (please check the attached pictures, sometimes is not entirely white).

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Stitch width:
4 mm
Stitch pitch:
2 mm
Stitch type:
NKS Original
Kotegashira material:
Orizashi/ Deerskin
Reinforcement type:
Reinforcement material:
Kera material:
Kera Type:
Tsutsu type:
Tsutsu material:
Aizome Cotton
Tsutsu hokyou:
Ue, Migi, Hidari
Kotebuton material:
Aizome Cotton
Kotebuton hokyou material:
Type *
Leather reinforcement *
Hand longer than 20cm