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Manufactured by Japan's only workshop capable of producing 100% MADE IN JAPAN Kendogu, we present the MUGEN series’ deluxe Koshikigata (traditional) model – TANREN is reinforced using genuine Japanese ‘Aizome’ dyed Orizashi cotton, #8,800 grade cotton, and premium cuts of genuine 'Aizome' dyed deerskin. It features a very flexible and protective 8mm Nagazashi Futon, with 4mm Gunomezashi (finer stitching) on the Mendare. This allows the Bogu to be flexible and protective in the strike zone, yet still gives the ability to form an attractive overall shape. 

TANREN offers a fully made to order, made in Japan option for those looking for a bespoke ‘work horse’ Bogu set. Soft and flexible, with a thick and protective Futon, TANREN is well perfect for those looking for a Bogu set to mainly use for heavy Keiko. 
The 8mm stitching allows for excellent comfort, owing to the thick and padded Futon, yet the tighter stitching on the Mendare allows for a nice shape to be formed, ensuring that you still look great whilst wearing it. 'Koshiki' means 'Traditional Style', and the overall design is intentionally simplistic, based on traditional designs.

The TANREN Men is completely made to order to your exact sizes, using high quality Shoai-zome cotton, and top-grade synthetic deerskin for the reinforcements. The design is simplistic overall, and features straight 'Gunomezashi' stitching on the Mendare, allowing for easy shaping. The MUGEN Original Mengane is an originally designed Mengane, featuring an improved balance, giving improved lateral vision, and has reinforced Titanium bars in the strike zone. This gives the optimum balance of being lightweight, and also extremely strong. Further, the Mengane is coated with an original high-gloss coating, which strengthens the surface, preventing chips, cracks and dents. Finally the MUGEN Original Mengane is finished with matte grey on the inside, giving a cool and discreet outlook.  

 Utilizing our original 'Infinity Grip' technology, TANREN presents the culmination of generations of expertise in crafting premium Kendo equipment. The TANREN Kote are made, not only to your EXACT sizes and specifications, but they are made to – what we believe – to be the optimum design, allowing an unparalleled level of comfort, and ease of use. The full Orizashi design makes the TANREN Kote lightweight, and quick drying. Genuine smoked deerskin palms are used, allowing for extra durability, and also an accurate feel of the Shinai. Finally the 8mm Nagazashi stitching makes for a thick, cushioned Futon, giving a fantastic level of protection.

As with the other parts, the TANREN Tare is reinforced using genuine Japanese ‘Aizome’ dyed Orizashi #8,800 cotton, top-grade genuine ‘Aizome’ deerskin.


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Part Part name
Men Tanren - Men
Kote Tanren - Kote
Tare Tanren - Tare

*Chichikawa and Himos are included.

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*Every part except for the Do are fully made in Japan. If you would like to inquire about a Made in Japan Do, starting from 300 USD, please write us at


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Stitch width:
8 mm
Stitch pitch:
5.5 mm
Stitch type:
Main material:
Felt, Orizashi, Deerskin
Main feature:
Fast drying, Greater fitting, Sturdy
Shiai, Training
Menbuchi colour ($20) *
Menbuton thickness ($30) *
Kotegashira thickness (30$) *
Kotebuton thickness (30$) *
Do Dai None Selected *
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