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Hand crafted Mugen Kendogu made at Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho (NKS), Miyazaki, Japan.
Unique appearance with disctintive design, featuring Double Kannuki in the Men-dare area for better durability, super comfortable and incredible good fitting Futon, Katatsumori Kote fist, Mugen Eguri (improved wrist angle) and better Tenouchi (palm) shape.

The narrowed Cross-stitch on the Orizashi reinforcements gives the Futon a greater durability, and in the striking-area the wider stitching gives sufficient protection plus the Futon type you choose, making it even more protective or if you prefer, more light-weight for a competition-focused equipment. You are free to choose its purpouse! 

This is a Kendogu for those who appreciate the Japanese craftmanship quality and love Mugen brand.

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Current Stock:
Usually ships between 3 to 4 months
Stitch width:
x mm / x mm
Stitch pitch:
x mm
Stitch type:
Vertical and Diagonal Stitching + Cross Stitch
Main material:
Felt, Orizashi, Ultrasuede, Deerskin
Main feature:
Durable, Fast drying, Incredible fitting & mobility, Unique appearance
Shiai, Keiko