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Happy New Year!


- Until the 31 of January our online shop will have 10% OFF on every product & 20% OFF on New All Japan Pitch Bogu sets and parts.
- Every customer that buy something (anything!) between the New Year Event period, will automatically enter to the ZNB Lottery, where FREE PRIZES will be given as a special gift for your support!



    1. Kiri Hakama Tetron x 1
    1. Tetron Hakama Black x 1
    2. Maintenance Kit Deluxe x 1
    3. Maintenance Kit x 1
    1. Mugen Takuma Bogu Part (Men, Kote or Tare) x 1
    2. Saito Bogu Part (Men, Kote or Tare) x 1
    3. NAJP Cross Bogu Part (Men, Kote or Tare) x 1
    4. NAJP Standard Bogu Part (Men, Kote or Tare) x 1
    5. Tsubame Kendogi x 1
    6. Samurai Kendogi x 1
    7. Tetron Hakama (White or Navy) x 1
    8. Silk Shinai Bag x 5
    9. Blue Sakura Pattern Carbon Tsuba x 4
    10. Kosakura Inden Men Chichikawa x 1
    11. Tonbo Inden Men Chichikawa x 1
    12. Kendo Inner Mask x 2
    13. Japanese Patterns Washable Mask x 2
    14. Discount Coupon Code for a Bogu set or individual parts x 1

* The Lottery will take place on the first week of February. Every winner will be announce on Livestream! (Don't miss it!)
* With your first order, you earn 1 chance on the Lottery, even a small budget order counts! And if you buy again in the Event period, you will get more chances to win on the Lottery only by purchasing orders above 100 USD (each), after the first order you made.