Usually cross stitching means more money but, as a last gift from our company as it is, we wanted to give away an affordable Cross stitched Bogu Set for the minimum price.
This was the base model that helped us to create new improvements on our bogu equipments. For those of you that always wanted to try a cross stitched bogu set, this is the perfect opportunity and THE BEST PRICE to get it, as a last limited model of All Japan Budogu.

AJB CrossPitch Bogu set

☆Limited Edition☆

A full Shoaizome Orizashi reinforced Futon, makes AJB CrossPitch bogu set lightweight, flexible and quick drying. 6mm Koshi-sashi stitching with Heri-kawa made of Clarino leather.

All Japan CrossPitch stitching gives the Futon additional strength and an increased ability to hold its shape. Unlike traditional Bogu sets, the grid patterned stitching acts as a flexible framework for the Futon, allowing it to be easily flexed and maneuvered in all directions, providing more comfort. Further, this additional flexibility acts as a shock absorbent and reduces the impact of the Shinai strike, before it is relayed to the body. This completely contradicts the old-fashioned school of thought that a hard, rigid Futon provides more protection – as the concept of the super-flexible CrossPitch Futon is to cushion the impact, and this also provides maximum comfort.

This Bogu set is perfect for normal Training, but due to its comfortability it can be used at Shiai too.

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