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凱 GAI represents victory in Kanji, and give people a large-scale image that describes people become stronger fighting for themselves and trying to achieve their targets.

They could feel triumphant, and enjoy the pleasure from the success that they achieve.

This year, we launched this practice purpose new Bogu set and named it as "GAI".

We have realized that every Kendoka does Keiko trying to focus on each skill they practice again and again, though it’s tough, while concentrating their minds to get stronger and be victorious.

This Bogu set is not just a valuable set, but will also be your guide to the right path toward success.

You will understand its difference the moment you use it, and feel all the powers coming from the name: 凱 GAI.


gai-kote.jpgThe Kote uses Full Orizashi tailoring allowing fast drying, and an unparalleled level of comfort even if used for a long time because of its good breathability. Durable clarino palms are used, allowing for an accurate feel of the Shinai. 


Especially for the top of Kote uses Hanabishi which is the most popular used texture, gives you a tender feeling on your skin while you manipulate the Shinai.


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