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The SAKURA Men features our original, Japan-Made IBB All Japan ‘Pearl’ Mengane: Lightweight Duralumin construction with robust Titanium top bars in the strike zone. Improved balance and vision makes it easier to keep the right posture and perform various techniques correctly. The inside of the Mengane has a refined appearance, thanks to its discreet, matte gray finish.

Black ‘Ko-zakura’ Clarino accents and elegant Kawakazari sets SAKURA apart from ordinary Men and gives it a distinct appearance.

The Mendare have been shortened enough to allow you to move your shoulders without hindrance, yet maintain a dignified appearance! An angled cut and diagonal stitching ensures maximum flexibility. The 3mm stitch width gives durability and allows the Mendare to maintain the ideal shape with minimum effort. L-shaped embroidery along the edges reinforces and increases their durability.

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