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The SAKURA Tare features tapered Tare and Tare Himo to fit your body, making it easy to tie and ensuring a comfortable fit around your abdomen. Thus it stays in place even during hard practice and gives a good range of motion. Black ‘Ko-Zakura’ Clarino reinforcements give the Tare a subtle, elegant look.

Diagonally cut and supple, the Tare naturally forms to the correct shape, giving the wearer a dignified look.

*The picture shows a seven dan-Kazari row but the actual outlet stock has five Dan-Kazari.

*We have Outlet Skura 3mm Tare stock with blue Yabane on the upper Kazari and without Yabane as well. If you have a preference please leave it as a comment when purchasing this item, otherwise you will receive it randomly in regards to the available stock left.

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