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¥8,316 - ¥9,920

Hatenkou Bessaku is a Koto Shinai, whith the same diameter all along the length of the Shinai.

The Tsuka is also shorter than the normal shinai which bring the balance at the perfect place for shorter Tsukagawa.

Features the Tate Men Kezuri, a special technique of shaving the bamboo staves. The staves are shaved vertically, to give a thicker profile, allowing the tip be shaved thinner, whilst retaining durability. This allows for a excellent overall balance of the Shinai, whilst still keeping strength.

It is a genuine product made by craftsmen who adheres to the "SSP seal" certified by The All Japan Budogu Association, conforms to the standard regulations.


*Tsuba/Tsubadome not included.

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