In Kendo, Hasuji is the proper landing of a strike, with the "cutting edge" portion of the Shinai, which on a Katana would be striking with the Ha (cutting edge) portion for a proper cut.

Until now, oval grip Shinai or special designed Shinai where the only available options to grasp the Katana sensation, which in other words mean that you needed to buy that kind of Shinai only.

Hasuji-Grip Tsukagawa helps you to improve the Hasuji by changing only the grip, without altering the Shinai itself, allowing you to re-use it and try it on every Shinai you want!

*Available sizes: 37, 38, 39 (thin grip), 39 (standard grip), 39 (thick grip)
*This product is only the Tsukagawa, doesn't include other Shinai fittings.


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