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KIJI-DODAI now available in Yamato (Basic Black Synthetic Do).
The Leather goes above the selected base pattern in the Dodai.

You can choose Kurozan, Orizashi or Deerskin for the Mune material, and besides the basic Mune-Kazari designs, you can request "Another Design" for your own original one (send us a picture!), or choose one of the many designs we have on our website (just leave us a note for which one):

Check our other Mune designs HERE

*If you need help or have any questions please contact us directly.

*In case you want a Mune (Another Design) which is not on our website, please request it to our email by sending us the picture of the desired design/Mune-Kazari:

*EVERY KIJI-DODAI IS UNIQUE. The white-yellowish spots become evident after the Dodai assembling process, thus the results vary with every finished item.
*AFTER TIME: Even without use, after sometime it tends to become yellow and blurr the pattern/color that was below. In case you want to mantain certain color/patterns please check out the Bamboo Kiji-Do option.

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