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A fully Orizashi-made Bogu set. The beauty is enhanced with strong materials and high grade orizashi, for a traditional appearance.

ATTENTION: Now NAJP Zen Orizashi Model is only available as an ORDER MADE Bogu, meaning that it will be made to your exact measures (if you have doubts or need help with taking them please write to us! We will be happy to guide you) and it will take up to two month to be ready. 

*What do I need to measure and How? Click Here

To see every details and specifications of each part, please click on the "Part name" you want to know more below:

Part Part name
Men Zen Orizashi - Men
Kote Zen Orizashi - Kote
Tare Zen Orizashi - Tare

*Men Chichikawa and Men Himo are included.
*Tenugui is not included.

*For Tenugui, Chichikawa and Himo Packs Click Here 

*This is a VALUE SET (DO is not included). For a DO please enter here

Current Stock:
ORDER MADE: Up to 3 months
Shipping Cost:
Calculated at Checkout
Stitching (Width/ Pitch):
5mm/ 6mm
Main materials:
#7000 Cotton felt, Orizashi
Overseas factory
Main feature:
Fast drying, Standard fitting, Sturdy
Shinsa, Koudansha Keiko